Pre-K Kids Learning Center’s program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children from infancy to Pre-School. Children experience coordinated and independent activities, large and small group interactions with opportunities creative expressions through music and art. 

We want to thank you for taking the time to visit this website, and to read our handbook. We have developed this handbook to help our customers understand our philosophy, policies, and procedures. We would like to welcome you to visit our facility. 

Pre-K Kids Learning Center has established qualifications for its faculty that exceed those required by the Department of Human Services and Keystone Star Programs.


 The Director places a high value on keeping a strong communicating relationship with the parents of children enrolled in the school. Through regular communication, both verbal and written, the faculty keeps you informed on your child's growth, emotional status, and general well-being.

Formal evaluations and growth profiles are maintained for each development level and are shared routinely with the parents. An open-door policy invites parents to share their positive feedback and discuss any concerns with the director.

  • A parent/family meeting is offered within 45 days of enrollment to share initial observations, goals of your child(ren), and to encourage program-family partnership.
  • A parent conference is offered every six months to discuss the child’s progress, development, and behavioral, social, physical needs, in addition to classroom placement.
  • When our child transfers to another educational setting, his/her transfer records can be obtained upon parent request.
  • Always feel free to contact the directors, you can call the center, or email her at
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Positive Discipline

At Pre-K Kids Learning Center, we recognize that positive discipline teaches and encourages the healthy development of a child's self-esteem. Our caregivers praise and call attention to appropriate behavior and act as good role models to influence and reinforce a child positively. Limits are set that are developmentally appropriate and consistently enforced. The method of discipline used by Pre-K Kids staff for our children is "redirection." For example, time out or refraining from a special activity may be used for a short period while the caregiver is encouraging the child to make a positive decision.  





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We are always looking at our children development. We use Ages and stages questionnaires to help assist parents, our caregivers, and early learning professionals. This screening tool helps to identify the further social and emotional behavioral assessment in our children. to find out more information please ask our staff or visit Ages and Stages website .

Our Business System

Pre-K Kids Learning Center uses “Procare” as our business system, an interactive online parent portal provides your families with the ability to view their child schedules, time cards, make mobile payments, register, and so much more.

KidReports' app is our communication tool, a web-based service provides a variety of electronic classroom management and parent engagement features specifically designed for early education learning centers. The platform is designed as a parent communication portal for early childhood educators to send daily reports, photos, activity information, and so much more, allowing parents the ability to stay connected with their children throughout the day.

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